23 Apr

Whenever I fail, whenever I feel lost, broken, gloomy… I always come back to my little escape to write.. about what? I have absolutely no idea! Cause whenever I reach this point I usually have this complex feelings that have been accumulated in my heart forming this unknown mass and I need to discharge it by writing.

 It’s no secret to me that I don’t have that particular buddy who can always share half of my burdens in my life. I do have family buddies , party buddies, work buddies, secrets’ buddies, travel buddies, shopping buddies, even love buddies as corny and ridicules it sounds.. ! my point is, trusting a person 100% on everything  is something I’ve never tasted before, maybe once! *regret face* and I don’t think that I would do that again.. ever! Sad? Yes of course it’s sad. Do I care? No.

Being an over protective person for me is all about “trusting” someone. Imagine the feeling of being naked in a class in front all of your classmates, what would be your feeling then?  For me trusting someone completely is like that, vulnerable situation, humiliating and unnecessary…!

I remember the night I’ve been told by a dear someone: “you are only a human, you can’t solve all your problems by yourself”. It wasn’t something new for me, and I don’t want to solve all my problems by myself. I just don’t want to make them worst by telling people about them.

At the end I do wanna clarify one thing about me, not really clarifying as I don’t know if I’m writing this to readers or writing it only for myself 😀 let me rephrase it this way: I wanna remind myself about one thing 🙂 that I’m not alone in this word and I’ll always know that Allah is here with me.. whatever how hard and tough life can get, I trust Allah with all my heart and I will know for sure that everything is going to be alright.



Rejuvenating my body and soul !

7 Oct

New life needs new beginning that needs a new fresh fun vacation away from all stress sources and surrounded by the loved ones 🙂

I have so much fun spending these couple of days with you guys and I hope it wont be the last time… we should make it a regular habit  !  Love you all and miss you already *hug*

Yeah, we almost turned the place into a night club ! :p

Sharab Al Mara7 :9 of course, you cannot have a party without SunTop DAAAH !!!

Arabic coffee by the pool 😀

Nothing is more relaxing than having your breakfast by the sea …

Protecting Vs. Tanning !

pretty yummy stuff ! *love*

Second day breakfast by the lovely sight…


17 Sep

Yum Yum :9 I know I said I’m on a strict diet , but that was a break down under pressure! Not a self control break down :s but the pressure of Tima and Nona trying to convince me to try this place.. I agreed to eat just a lil bit and it was heavenly ❤ LOVE LOVE LOVE .. Once I reach my goal I’ll definitely hit that place again 😀

Dippingo, Red Sea Mall, Jeddah

Was so yummy ❤

This was the best Mango Smoothie ever .. OMG

Happiness in a cup !

Nona and Tima’s second round ❤

Out of energy !

15 Sep

What’s going on in my life this moment:

  1. Facebook / The Sims
  2. Work  ( from 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM ) or ( 02:00 PM – 10:00 PM )
  3. Reading Books / Blogs
  4. Shopping
  5. Freaking out every single hour about my diet

That’s pretty much it :/ , I’m suffering from lack of social life these days  even though I do have the time and the welling  to be actively social, but the thing is I don’t have the energy for it. It seems that the war between my body and energy is permanent and it’s starting to annoy me and my dearest family and friends too 😦  I’ve tried to figure out what could be the reason for it and I came with a conclusion of it might be because of my working area!

First at office, it’s so boring with a plane off white wall paints and a very small desk with absolutely no fun or creative decoration! What a mood killer! Honestly, my brain won’t work properly anymore. Creativity has been taken from me because of these fu*king walls  😥 my friend Samar share the office with me and one day we decided to go and buy stuff for it, two months later, nothing happened :/

Secondly at my room, my desk literally is my bed!!! Yes I know it’s shocking but I don’t have a desk in my room 😦 how inconvenient is that. And when your bed became your desk, then lying down will become your best working position. No wonder I’m over weight :/

Need to take a major action about that… and as soon as I change one of them I’ll post about it 😀

Speaking about over weight, I’m really happy about my diet so far and all the appreciation goes to my coach 🙂 love ya !

This is an example of my breakfast at work (around 8:45 AM):

and my usual lunch:

This is a really yummy soup !!! thanx mom

This is what I usually eat, beside my coffee, diet snacks and no dinner of course. I will miss my luxuries eating habits with my lovely cousins 😥 last time we have been together we have so much fun and we end the day with the perfect dinner ❤

Bookwarm … !

16 Feb

There is something really intimate in books that makes you really excited and happy when you read. Unlike online electronic books or whatever they called which doesn’t make me as happy as when I’m reading from a real book between my hands ! It’s weird how I love the feeling of pages against my fingers, or the smell of a new book ! no kidding, I’m serious 😀

Anyway, last month I bought  this cute red gift box from JARIR that contains three novels by Cecelia Ahern. 1st one was PS I LOVE YOU which became a movie later, and it’s one of my favorite movies and stories ever. I really recommend it for those who love romance and emotional stories.

The 2nd one is WHERE RAINBOWS END, which I didn’t read yet. But I suppose it’s  good since it has some good reviews and it’s Cecelia’s!

And the 3rd one is THE GIFT which I read half of it but never complete it cause honestly I didn’t like it for no specific reason, it just wasn’t my type of stories!

I went to JARIR bookstore again earlier this evening, and I picked up some books to fuel my mind and soul for the next month or two. I wasn’t really sure about what should I pick, but I’m kind of into novels mood  these days so I got LOVE IN A HEADSCARF by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed. I haven’t heard about this book before nor the author! I guess I judged this one by its cover which I shouldn’t :P. But it was appealing to me cause I’ve never had this type of novels  before and it seems interesting .

I also bought AlSAJEENAH which was recommended by my friend Amani, and it’s a France novel translated to Arabic. SHOQAT ALHORREYAH by Dr. Ghazi Al Qusaibi and NEHAYAT AL ALAM by Dr. Muhammed bin Abdulrahman al Oraifi, which I wanted for so long.

So I guess I’ll put my review whenever I’m finish with one of them and share it for whoever like to buy these books so you can have a general idea and my opinion of course about what you are going to buy. Cause most of the books are expensive and it sucks when you pay a lot of money for something you won’t be liking. And I like to read this kind of reviews so I can make up my mind when I’m in a bookstore. So go ahead bookwarms and share your opinions with me 🙂

Happy reading… xoxox


10 facts about me

28 Jan

10 Facts about me:

1. I can’t forgive completely, and if I did, I won’t forget!



2. My favorite ice cream flavor is lemon cream pie by Baskin Robbins.



3. If I had the chance to start again, I would do almost everything differently.



4. I love love love it when someone is running his/her fingers through my hair and play with it!



5. I think I have far too many interests and hobbies and therefore really never start (or finish) any of them.



6. Being near balloons freaks the hell out of me!




7. I love flowers but I don’t like to receive them as a gift.



8. Being a victim of love is something that I don’t believe in, or at least not anymore.



9. If I were an animal, I would definitely be a white, fluffy, fat cat 😡



10. I’m a dangerous shoppaholic.

new mind

20 Jan

I left this blog long time ago due to a very serious depression since I graduated from university. Whenever I want to write a journal I just get upset and sad, too sad to think about one word to begin with. I reach the bottom of my life and start to panic about what could happen to me. And that was because the reality hit me on my face and shocked me so badly. I felt like I won’t have a career ever if I stayed the way I am right now. The chances of getting a job that is related to my studying major are weak! I’m begging to regret the decision of majored in medical physics 4 years ago and thinking about it just killing me. I don’t want to sounds like a victim in here, because I’m trying my best to cut my way through this life. I love medical physics and I was hoping to work in a hospital as a medical physicist one day. But for the past 3 months, this dream had been faded away. Not completely, but almost.

And the reason is because I’ve been working now for one of the best hotels in KSA for 4 months and so far I like it. The atmosphere is great and the vibe itself is so me. I’m not saying that I want to commit and grow in this whole new field, but I’m saying that I’m ready to keep my options open for any new career. And once I feel comfortable about it then I’m ready to conceder it my dream job and build a career.

From now and on, I’m a new person with a new concepts and I WILL BE a successful lady in sha’a Allah.


here is some picture of my surprise birthday cake from my colleagues at work … *Love you girls* 🙂

this card came with a nice thoughtful gift from my aunt, tima and haneen 🙂